In recent years, the world has experienced an unprecedented increase in the number of terrorist attacks that have claimed countless lives and caused significant economic and social damage. As a result, there has been a growing trend of using low-energy x-ray machines to screen people and their belongings for potential threats at public venues.

This blog post will provide an in-depth analysis of low-energy x-ray machines used for bag scanning, how they work, their benefits, and why they are essential security measures at public venues.

What are X-Rays?

X-rays are produced when electrons are accelerated to high energies and then collide with a target material. The collision causes the electrons to lose energy, which is released in the form of X-rays. The amount of energy in an X-ray is determined by the voltage used to accelerate the electrons. Higher voltages produce X-rays with more energy.

What are Low-Energy X-Ray Machines and How do they work?

Low-energy x-ray machines use non-ionizing radiation, which means that they are safe for human exposure. The machines emit a beam of low-energy x-rays, which pass through the bag and are detected by a sensor on the other side. The sensor then sends the information to a computer, which processes the data and produces an image of the contents of the bag.

The image produced by a low-energy x-ray machine is black and white and is similar to an x-ray image of a broken bone. The operator of the machine can zoom in on specific areas of the image and manipulate the mA and/or kV to enhance the visibility of the contents of the bag.

Benefits of Using Low-Energy X-Ray Machines

There are several benefits to using low-energy x-ray machines to screen people and their belongings for potential threats.

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Example radiograph using the QSA Global OpenVision DX of a suspicious item.

Detection of Dangerous Items – one of the most significant benefits of using these security measures is their ability to detect dangerous items such as weapons, explosives, and drugs. Low-energy x-ray machines can identify these items with high accuracy, making them an essential tool in the fight against terrorism.

Prevention of Potential Attacks – Another crucial benefit of using bag scanning and low-energy x-ray machines is their ability to prevent potential attacks. By identifying and removing dangerous items from public venues, these security measures help to prevent would-be attackers from carrying out their plans.

Making People Feel Safer – Bag scanning using low-energy x-ray machines can also make people feel safer when attending public venues. Knowing that security measures are in place to protect them can give people peace of mind and increase their confidence in the venue’s ability to ensure their safety.

Improved Security Measures – The use of low-energy x-ray machines has led to the development of improved security measures in public venues. For example, some venues have implemented the use of facial recognition technology in conjunction with low-energy x-ray machines to enhance security.

Deterrence of Crime – Finally, these security measures can act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. Knowing that bag scanning and low-energy x-ray machines are in place can discourage potential criminals from attempting to bring dangerous items into public venues.

Overall, low-energy x-ray machines have several benefits that make them an effective security measure in public venues. They can detect dangerous items, prevent potential attacks, make people feel safer, deter crime, are efficient and easy to use, non-invasive, versatile, and have led to the development of improved security measures.