Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Radiography

JME have been involved in pipeline Radiography since 1986 With the first JME pipeline crawler, as per our Historical products page

Since then we have continually developed out products and services and now offer a multitude of products for global applications.

Including Pipeline Crawlers for Girth Weld/New Pipeline radiography using X-Ray or Gamma, Stand alone X-ray generators for static and external imaging including DWSI, with our DXB system enabling a bolt-on solution for digital radiography.  And not forgetting our Betatron systems for heavy wall, In-service Valve inspections or even Pig retrieval applications. Along with the OVX, stand-alone tubes and the Betatron for in service CUI applications.


Industrial Radiography

JME offer a wide range of industrial radiography solutions, from our stand alone – tubes from Comet, Balteau, ICM, to our Betatron range for heavy wall castings, pipeworks and large automotive components.



JME Offer a range of options for security applications, whether High Energy Betatron Systems from 2.5–9Mev in both Mobile and Static applications, including the worlds only Wireless Betatron System. Or, lower Energy X-Ray systems such as X-Ray tubes from YXLON Directional Tubes and dynamic security offerings such as the OV Security, and Portable Generators from ICM.

For more bespoke solutions please contact us…  JME are always happy to evaluate and assist with your requirements.

Sub Sea


Over the years JME have been involved in many subsea applications whether for direct project support or end-user product applications.

These applications include Subsea Pipeline Inspection with a Betatron and a ROV, Subsea telecoms inspection with the se of a DXR, or Subsea Pipeline Inspection with JME Pipeline Crawlers.

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An industry leader in the manufacture of equipment for inspection of Telecoms, cabling and cable joint since 1999 in partnership with Global Marine group.

Over the years this partnership has resulted in continue product developments including the DXR1 and DXR2 which are available today.

With both product lines providing field deployed digital solutions for over 10 years, proven reliability, durability and quality come without question.

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Being Located in Lowestoft, the most Easterly point in the UK, we are ideally suited for Inspection equipment for the Renewables Sector. Lowestoft has become a hub for the construction and development of wind turbines which are built and shipped from the local port. JME have increasingly become involved within the renewables sector, from carbon fibre and composite inspection, mechanical and heavy wall steel inspection, to subsea and ROV applications. As well as subsea infrastructure and cabling inspection. Whatever your need please reach out for assistance.



JME has been supplying equipment with the medical sector since the early 90s with the first “Medical (electron) Betatron”, supplied to a UK trust.

Since then we have not only been involved in the development and manufacture of medical systems such as the Papillion 50, the original cancer treatment system from Ariane Medical Systems, but also continue to supply standard equipment such as portable X-Ray Tubes and Betatron’s for use within the sector for varying applications including medical shielding verification, and are now beginning to supply digital detectors for varying applications.



JME’s range of Portable X-Ray Generators have been used in applications within the Aerospace industry to quickly and efficiently ensure the safety and integrity of components. In conjunction with Digital Radiography, allowing imaging of Aerospace’s complex structures to identify small defects in assemblies from fuselages, wings and stabilisers, landing gear and bearings, to shielding and turbine engines.

JME has a range of low/mid energy X-Ray tubes available, as well as high energy Betatron systems. The varying range of X-Ray solutions we provide often mean that lengthy and costly dismantling is not required, minimising ground time.



With the wide variety of radiography systems offered by JME, we are able to apply solutions to multiple areas in the defence industry, such as fuel inspection, Armour testing, in service submarine inspection, alongside War head, munitions, construction projects on vessels, rocket system inspection and overall failure analysis within both traditional and digital applications.



JME supplied equipment is used for the inspection of many historic items and artifacts within Museums, Galleries and in-field applications.

With artifacts including, paintings, sculptures and even historic documentation.

“When researching artworks we often need to determine; how, when and by whom they are made. X-ray examination is unique in the way that it enables us to look inside, behind, and as it were – back in time,” explain Jakob and Troels from National Gallery of Denmark – Excert from Comet Portable Case Study.


Maritime/Vessel Construction

When constructing a Ship’s Hull it is often the case that the statement of work requires welds to be inspected and tested. Using JME X-Ray equipment we provide portable solutions for on-site X-Ray validation of weld quality.


Food Industry

Digital X-ray inspection of inbound batches prior to acceptance, increasing end product quality and reducing wastage costs at the beginning of the process. Designing and Manufacturing in house to meet specific requirements for clients and for the food industry.



X-ray is a versatile inspection method used in forestry and used to inspect the internal structure of logs in when sorting. Removing sample based techniques to find contamination in, or monitor the moisture content of bio fuels allowing easier combustion optimisation.


Rail Inspection

With the recent increase in rail disruptions and cost of travel, it’s being recognised more frequently that there is the need to look into the rail track quality and maintenance to ensure improved reliability and performance of the network. JME Betatron’s are used to minimise failures from the offset with batch inspection of newly manufactured rail lengths, and even in situ track intersection points.



Simplifying sorting and classification stages of ore processing. Sorting through raw materials X-ray inspection early on in the process to discard low-grade objects early on reduces refinement costs.


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