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JME are proud to offer its Gamma Pipeline Solution for customers using this technology for their radiographic butt weld inspection. This solution is suitable for the inspection of circumferential butt welds in new build pipelines with a diameter from 12” to 48”. This product offers the precision engineering and reliability that JME are renowned for, integrating with both the SENTINEL Delta 880 or Oserix Dual 120 gamma projectors.

With its exceptional build quality, reliability and dealer network, combining the gamma head with JME’s crawler chassis gives users the confidence to take on any inspection task. Our complete Gamma pipeline solution will be delivered ready for loading with an appropriate source, this is supplied locally and can be reloaded as required using service centres. The coupling mechanism for the Projector is designed to be simple to use, making it very easy to remove the unit for secure overnight storage.

This versatile system can be converted from Gamma to X-ray with only minor mechanical amendments, providing companies with the ability to operate under a variety of inspection standards. The common chassis and control box allows for a seamless transformation, all that is required is an X-Ray tube and appropriate specification assembly package. All JME Gamma Actuators are designed with safety in mind. All of the manufacturers safety interlocks remain in-situ during loading and travel within the pipe. They also have both electrical and mechanical fail safe features for complete peace of mind.

Technical Specification
Weight (Excluding X-Ray Tube) 233.69lbs (112kg)
Length 5.48ft (1930mm)
Gamma source 120 Ci Iridium 192
Power Source Sealed lead acid batteries (120v)
Battery Capacity 24 Amp Hours
Motor Rating 185W continuous (0.25HP)
Travel Speed up to 11.81”/sec (0.3m/sec)
Maximum Angle of Climb (Optimum Conditions) ≤ 20° / 36.4%
Actuator Specification
Diameter Range Oserix 11.7”–48”. Sentinel 13.5”-48”
Weight Oserix 32kg. Sentinel 34kg
Length Oserix 575mm. Sentinel 625mm
Gamma Source Oserix: 120 Ci (Ir-192-120Ci, Se-75 “under special form”-200Ci)
Sentinel 880 (Delta): 150 Ci (Ir-192-150Ci, Se-75-150Ci, Yb-169-30Ci) – Available Gamma Energy Ranges = 308-401-612 keV


Remote Handset: multi language Touch Screen

JME’s unique Handset allows external control and monitoring of the crawler whilst operating in the pipe, providing real time data on the crawler’s activity. It allows the operator to enable/disable all features of the Crawler and X-Ray generator prior to operation, avoiding a lengthy, complex analogue configuration.

Customisable ‘Anti Runaway’

‘Anti Runaway’ is a system which puts the crawler into reverse if it does not receive a signal from the Magnetope or Handset within a specified time period.

Integrated Radio Recovery

In the event of a malfunction within the pipe, the crawler’s internal logic can be overridden by the handset to reverse the crawler out of the pipe.

AMAX - Auto move after X-Ray

When AMAX is enabled, the crawler will locate under the Magnetope and be signalled to start the X-Ray. Once the exposure is complete the crawler will automatically drive to the next weld, increasing site efficiency.

End of Pipe Sensor Kit / Water Detection Sensor Kit

End of pipe and water detection sensors are fitted to the front and rear of the crawler. End of pipe sensors detect the Crawler’s proximity to the pipe entrance and stop the system automatically, preventing accidental damage to the equipment. Water detection sensors stop the crawler if water is detected within the pipe. A handset message is displayed in both instances to alert the user.

Simplified and improved Wheel/Axle change

The revised axle change system allows for easier set-up in the field. A stationery center shaft combined with an axle extension provides the user with a swift set-up of the system for a variety of pipe sizes.

Single Magnetic Detector Box

JME’s new crawler system incorporates a single Detector Box, covering the full spectrum of wall thicknesses up to 40mm. Removing the need to change the Detector Box as the wall thickness increases.

Range of Gamma Projectors

Easy/simple crawler conversion from X-Ray generator to Gamma projector. Gamma actuators are compliant with all manufacturers safety mechanisms.


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