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The JME 10" Pipeline Crawler is specifically designed for (NDT) non-destructive examinations of circumferential butt welds in tubular installations such as oil and gas transmission pipelines, while in construction.

The JME 10" Pipeline Crawler is capable of driving a wide range of X-Ray generators and gamma head / actuator units, enabling internal panoramic single image (SWSI) radiography to be carried out in pipe diameters from 10" to 60".

Constructed using high grade materials to provide a good finish, superior corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and extended service life. Electronic circuit utilise military specification components, thus ensuring reliability in harsh environments.

Powered by high-efficiency rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries.

Full remote control of travel, park and exposure modes from outside the pipeline using the JME 'Magnetope' or a small isotope.

Safety features include anti-runaway circuitry, and optional retrieval latching purpose built recovery vehicle and an automatic radio recovery system.

All backed by 12 months warranty of components and workmanship. (excluding radiography source)

Technical Specification
Overall Weight of Assembled Crawler 106kg
Overall Assembled Length - Excluding X-Ray Tube 1670mm (Plus Recovery Ring 270mm)
Optimum Tube Current 2-3 milliamps
Focal Spot Size 1.5 x 5mm
Power Source Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (120v)
Battery Capacity 15 Amp Hours
Motor Rating 185w Continuous (quarter HP)
Travel Speed Up To 0.3m/Second
Wheels Contoured High Traction Rubber
Braking Dynamic
Mean Positioning Accuracy (15 degree slope) Plus or Minus 5mm
Maximum Angle of Climb in Optimum Conditions 27 degrees
Temperature Range -20 to +70 deg C

Optional Accessories

10 Channel Battery Charger
A multi-stage 10 channel charger designed for JME sealed lead / acid battery packs, to ensure optimum performance and battery life.
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10 Channel Battery Charger

Test Unit
A useful maintenance tool to assist in fault finding and set up of the crawlers 'E' Box.

Test Unit

Audio Visual Alarm
A self contained battery operated warning unit which gives clear flashing beacon and sounder indications outside the pipe when the crawler is emitting radiation (x-rays or gamma). Note: This is not a personnel radiation monitor nor should be used as one.
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Radiation Alarm

Magnetic Tracking
Fits inside the main chassis of the crawler so that the position of the crawler and its direction of travel can be monitored from outside the pipe, an alternative to isotope tracking. Click Here for more information.

Magnetic Charger

Recovery Vehicle
A purpose built recovery vehicle complete with latching harpoon on one end, which can be sent into a pipe to recover the main 6" crawler if it should become jammed or disabled.

Recovery Vehicle

Radio Recovery System
A radio recovery receiver and transmitter used for when the crawler has broken down due to an electrical fault and will reverse the crawler out of the pipe.
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Radio Recovery System

Additional Accessories
Wheel Spacer Kit: A set of wheel shafts and spacers used to set up the crawler in larger pipe sizes.
Tracker Isotope: Fits inside the main chassis of the crawler so that the position of the crawler and its direction of travel can be monitored from outside the pipe.
Signalling Isotope and transport pot: The crawler is normally operated with magnetic signaling, Isotope signaling can be provided.
Spares Kit: A boxed set of replacement items which might need replacing in the field where parts might otherwise be difficult to obtain.

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* Dependant on Wall Thickness, Pipe Bend and Tube Selection, Contact JME for more information.

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